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"Love Under Siege" - A young orphaned girl and devout Catholic is drawn to the Huguenot's cause which promises intimacy with God and assurance of salvation. Learn about the trials she faces as she searches for her parents, her true love, and this new faith that would bring her closer to God, persecution, and certain death if she is caught among the ranks of the Huguenots. 
             Hardcover - $10     Softcover - $8
"Love in the Abbey" - Delve into the tragic life of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her loyal advisors, Violette and Ty MacKenzie, as politics, religion, and murder collide in book two of the Huguenot Romance trilogy.
            Hardcover $10   Softcover $8

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Love and Betrayal 095.jpg
"Love and Betrayal" - concludes the Huguenot Trilogy as Mary, Queen of Scots seeks refuge in England hoping Queen Elizabeth will restore her to the Scottish throne. Instead, Mary finds herself Elizabeth's prisoner. Entangled in a murderous plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, Mary's life hangs by a thread.
     Violette and Thomas are in France for Camden's coronation into French nobility. Married for seventeen  years, their happiness is threatened by the arrival of a suspicious letter from the past which threatens to destroy their love and marriage.
             Hardcover - $10      Softcover - $8
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