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Royal Imposter is a Historical Romance set in seventeenth century France at the end of the Wars of Religion that has plagued the country for decades. Young Gemma Marseau is a lady-in-waiting at the court of the captive Queen Marguerite Valois who was exiled from Paris for her promiscuous lifestyle which brought shame to the monarchy. Gemma is of noble birth and is betrothed to Sir Jay Fontaine who is next in line for the French throne. Her marriage plans are marred by her suspicions that her parents are not her real family, and that she is not of noble birth after all. She begins to seek answers. Along the way she meets Raoul Rousseau who is a knight in King Henry IV's guard. They fall in love. Gemma is not interested in a relationship with a poor knight and rejects his advances. Raoul is not what he seems, but he helps her discover her identity and true love. 

                                 HARDCOVERS: $10 SOFTCOVERS: $8


Royalty's Kiss:

The year is 1603 and Queen Elizabeth I has just died. England is now totally Protestant and Catholics are feared, abused, and unwelcome.  King James VI, King of Scotland, the one who had the Holy Bible translated into English and the author of ‘The Divine Right of Kings,’ is on his way to England to be crowned King of England and Ireland. His hope is to unite the three countries and rule them as one under the title of ‘Great Britain’ and to rid the country of Catholic priests and their subjects.


Marriage to Prince Raoul Rousseau of the Royal House of Orange required an overwhelming change of lifestyle. When a royal kiss touched the life of Angelique Bonnet, her free spirit resisted even though the promise of love to Raoul intrigued her. She had loved him since they first met, but love was not enough for he was a dedicated ruler and she was a seasoned pirate and murderess.

                                HARDCOVERS: $10 SOFTCOVERS: $8



Royal Dreamer:  ( Available NOW )

As a young girl, Simone Julia Heuse could interpret dreams. She loved helping people find peace upon realizing what God spoke to them through their dreams. But revealing the meaning of people’s dreams is sometimes costly and dangerous especially when a dissatisfied customer seeks to kill her.


Simone’s world collides with Prince Lance Eliot Rousseau when he rescues her from the assailant. He recruits her to join with him in rescuing Huguenots who are being driven out of France by King Louis XIV’s new ‘Dragonnades Policy.’ This wicked policy allows the dragoon troops to invade Huguenot homes and steal their possessions, wreck their homes, and assault the women unless they convert to Catholicism or leave the country.


Because of her ability to interpret dreams, Simone is summoned to the royal courts of King Louis XIV of France who struggles under a strange malady and is haunted by a terrifying dream of death.


                                      HARDCOVERS: $10 SOFTCOVERS: $8


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