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The 16th century Renaissance saw a rebirth of art and learning throughout Europe. Alongside that cultural rebirth there was also a spiritual awakening called the Protestant Reformation. It began when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses about the corruption of the Catholic clergy on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany. That single act sparked a fire of revolution that crossed centuries.

      The pope was considered infallible and untainted. But after reading the Holy Scriptures, the French noblemen began to question the validity of the pope. They discovered that he was just a man like them and more corrupt in his ways than they were. They learned that salvation was by grace alone, not by works, but by faith, and not by the paying of indulgences.

      If you are of the Protestant faith, no matter the denomination, the existence of that faith is because of the Huguenot Revolution – In France the protestants were called Huguenots.

      The Huguenot Trilogy tells the story of the birth of Protestantism and the war between the Catholics and the Huguenots. It covers the reign of Catherine d’Medici, Mary Queen of Scots, and Queen Elizabeth the first. That war began in 1558 and still burns today.

      These facts intrigued me for I was ignorant of the history. They were what inspired me to write these books. I had to tell the story.

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